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Thinacheithi- the online Tamil News Daily is published by Thinacheithi (Pvt) Ltd, and it is aimed at bringing academics, scholars, holders of public office, researchers, analysts and media personnel to an informed dialogue.

Thinacheithi presently an online news daily with a network reporters and writers besides columnists who contribute news and views.

Both Thinacheithi and Thinacheithi (Pvt) Ltd., disclaim any and all liability for the information provided oi the Thinacheithi site. The editors and publisher of this site, reporters, writers, authors, and partners and technical experts disclaim any and all liability for the information provided on the Thinacheithi.

Thinacheith is only a forum for its reporters and writers, contributors and readers. It is neither bound nor constrained by their views. The views expressed are those of the authors, who enjoy the freedom in Thinacheithi columns to express their opinions, likes, dislikes and prejudices.

Any financial, medical health, legal, psychological, obituary, birthday, alliance, information provided in this site is not intended as replacement for professional consultations with qualified practitioners. If this site provides medical or health-related information, it is only general purpose information and no such information is intended to treat, or cure any disease or to offer any specific diagnosis to any individual.

The information provided on this site is offered as-is without warranty. The reader of the information provided by this assumes all risks by using the information provided herein.

Content authors or editors are not responsible for correctness of the information they provide, though they do undertake before publication vigorous research, obituary notices, birthday greetings, alliance announcements and other matrimonial announcements posted in this site. This is posted based on the information provided by the concerned individual and this site is not to be held responsible for lapses or mistakes.

Content authors on this site are forbidden to post content that is slanderous, illegal, incivility of dangerous acts, stories inciting terror and violence, or in violation of copyright law. If you have reason to believe that this site may be hosting content that is slanderous, illegal, incite dangerous acts, stories inciting terror and violence, or in violation of copyright law, kindly contact through e-mail.

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